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Finance Office of the Diocese of Winona


Chief Finance and Administrative Officer: Lawrence Dose

The Finance Office oversees the accounting, budgeting, and financial administration for the diocesan administrative offices. It also provides financial services for the Pension Plan for Priests of the Diocese of Winona, the Diocese of Winona Foundation, and the Diocese of Winona Deposit and Loan Fund.

In addition to the CFAO, the office is staffed by:

Dave Fricke - Director, Human Resources

Sandy Todd - Controller

Sara Evers - Employee Benefits Coordinator

Parish Financial Services

Linda Larson - Accounting Technician
Ann Ringlien - Finance Administrative Assistant


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Frequently Requested Topics:

Benefits Manual

Finance Times Newsletter

Financial Policy and Procedures

Finance Office Presentations

Deposit and Loan Online Access   

Parish Accounting Resources    

Tax Exempt Status

Diocesan Collections

IRS Mileage Rate

Remittance Form

Year-End Processing


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Audits: Internal Parish Audits

Logos Accounting Software

Audits: DOW Independent Audit Report



Mileage Rate (IRS)

Benefits: News & Information


Benefits: Manual

Parish Financial Report (Annual)

Contract Review Policy

Presentations & Workshop Materials


Project Estimate Template

Deposit and Loan Fund: Rates

Remittance Form

Deposit and Loan Fund: Online Access


Diocesan Collections

Self Insurance Program



Facility Usage / Indemnity Agreement

Tax Exempt Status

Finance Times Newsletter


Financial Policy and Procedures Manual

Worker’s Compensation Form

First Report of Injury

Winter Maintenance Log



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