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Diocese of Winona Cemeteries

Cemetery NameLocationResponsible ParishPhone
Calvary Cemetery Austin, MNSt Augustine - Austin 507-440-3838
Calvary Cemetery Caledonia, MNSt Mary - Caledonia 507-725-3214
Calvary Cemetery Canton, MNAssumption - Canton
Calvary Cemetery Chatfield, MN 
Calvary Cemetery Blue Earth, MNSt Peter & Paul - Blue Earth
Calvary Cemetery Currie, MNImmaculate Heart of Mary - Currie 507-626-0655
Calvary Cemetery Delavan, MNSt Peter & Paul - Blue Earth
Calvary Cemetery Fairmont, MNSt John Vianney - Fairmont 507-848-0382
Calvary Cemetery Madelia, MNSt Mary - Madelia
Calvary Cemetery Madison Lake, MNAll Saints - Madison Lake 507-267-4365
Calvary Cemetery Mankato, MNSt Peter & Paul - Mankato 507-995-1010
Calvary Cemetery Mapleton, MNSt Theresa - Mapleton 507-524-3346
Calvary Cemetery New Richland, MNAll Saints - New Richland 507-383-2153
Calvary Cemetery Preston, MNSt Columban - Preston 507-765-3603
Calvary Cemetery Rochester, MNSt. John the Evangelist - Rochester
Calvary Cemetery St. Charles, MNSt Charles Borromeo - St. Charles 507-932-4287
Calvary Cemetery St. James, MNSt James - St James 507-375-5016
Calvary Cemetery Waseca, MNSacred Heart - Waseca 507-835-3767
Calvary Cemetery Wilmont, MNOur Lady of Good Counsel - Wilmont
Carrolton Cemetery Fountain, MNSt Mary - Chatfield 507-867-3148
Corpus Christi Cemetery Deerfield, MNCorpus Christi - Deerfield 507-271-1228
Crucifixion Cemetery La Crescent, MNCrucifixion - La Crescent 507-895-2498
Holt Cemetery (St Patrick Cemetery) Lanesboro, MNSt Mary - Chatfield 507-467-3479
Holy Cross Cemetery Dakota, MNHoly Cross - Dakota 507-643-6277
Holy Family Cemetery East Chain, MNHoly Family - East Chain 507-236-3734
Holy Family Cemetery Lake Crystal, MNHoly Family - Lake Crystal 507-726-2555
Holy Redeemer Cemetery Eyota, MNHoly Redeemer - Eyota 507-951-2128
Holy Trinity Cemetery Litomysl, MNHoly Trinity - Litomysl 507-451-6616
Holy Trinity Cemetery Rollingstone, MNHoly Trinity - Rollingstone
Immaculate Conception Cemetery St Clair, MNImmaculate Conception - St Clair
Immaculate Conception Cemetery Wilson, MNImmaculate Conception - Wilson
Immaculate Conception of St Mary Cemetery Oak Ridge, MNHoly Trinity - Rollingstone 507-689-2644
Mount Calvary Cemetery Hokah, MNSt Peter - Hokah 507-894-4354
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Cemetery Easton (Barber Township), MNOur Lady of Mount Carmel - Easton 507-254-3676
Pine Creek Cemetery La Crescent, MNCrucifixion - La Crescent 507-895-2498
Precious Blood Cemetery La Moille, MNHoly Cross - Dakota
Resurrection Cemetery Medford, MNChrist the King - Medford 507-475-4667
Sacred Heart Cemetery Owatonna, MNSt Joseph - Owatonna 507-456-7864
Sacred Heart Cemetery Heron Lake, MNSacred Heart - Heron Lake 507-793-2357
Sacred Heart Cemetery Brewster, MNSacred Heart - Brewster
Sacred Heart Cemetery Adams, MNSacred Heart - Adams 507-582-3688
Seco Cemetery (St. Wenceslaus of Moravia) Owatonna, MN  507-456-7864
Ss Peter & Paul Cemetery Mazeppa, MNSt Peter & Paul - Mazeppa 507-843-3475
Ss Peter & Paul Cemetery Kellogg, MNImmaculate Conception - Kellogg 507-421-7031
Ss Peter & Paul Cemetery Hart, MNSt Rose of Lima - Lewiston 507-523-3418
St Adrian Cemetery Adrian, MNSt Adrian - Adrian 507-483-2760
St Agnes Cemetery Kellogg, MNSt Agnes - Kellogg 507-767-3105
St Aidan Cemetery Ellendale (Bath), MNSt Aidan - Ellendale 507-283-8071
St Aloysius Cemetery Elba, MNSt Aloysius - Elba 507-932-3834
St Ann Cemetery Janesville, MNSt Ann - Janesville 507-234-6304
St Ann Cemetery Slayton, MNSt Ann - Slayton
St Anthony Cemetery Lismore, MNSt Anthony - Lismore 507-283-2310
St Bernard Cemetery Stewartville, MNSt Bernard - Stewartville 507-533-8257
St Bridget Cemetery Simpson, MNSt Bridget - Simpson 507-289-2215
St Casimir Cemetery Wells, MNSt Casimir - Wells
St Catherine Cemetery Luverne, MNSt Catherine - Luverne 507-283-8845
St Clement Cemetery Hammond, MNSt Peter & Paul - Mazeppa
St Columba Cemetery Iona, MNSt Columba - Iona
St Columbanus Cemetery (Main) Blooming Prairie, MNSt Columbanus - Blooming Prairie 507-583-7815
St Columbanus Cemetery (Rural) Blooming Prairie , MNSt Columbanus - Blooming Prairie 507-583-7815
St Felix Cemetery Wabasha, MNSt Felix - Wabasha 651-565-3271
St Finbarr Cemetery Grand Meadow, MNSt Patrick - Grand Meadow 507-324-9336
St Francis de Sales Cemetery Claremont, MNSt Francis - Claremont 507-528-2261
St Francis Xavier Cemetery Windom, MNSt Francis Xavier - Windom 507-831-1019 (Phone/Fax)
St Gabriel Cemetery Fulda, MNSt Gabriel - Fulda 507-425-2113
St Ignatius Cemetery Spring Valley, MNSt Ignatius - Spring Valley 507-324-9336
St James Cemetery Twin Lakes, MNSt James - Twin Lakes 507-852-2094
St Jarlath Cemetery Waseca, MNSacred Heart - Waseca 507-835-3767
St Joachim Cemetery Plainview, MNSt Joachim - Plainview 507-534-2351
St John Cemetery Minneota, MNGood Shepherd - Jackson
St John Cemetery Johnsburg, MNSt John - Johnsburg
St John the Baptist Cemetery Minnesota Lake (Danville Township), MNSt John the Baptist - Minnesota Lake
St Joseph (Calvary) Cemetery Good Thunder, MNSt Joseph - Good Thunder 507-278-3543
St Joseph Cemetery Jasper, MNSt Joseph - Jasper 507-348-7802
St Joseph Cemetery Rushford, MNSt Joseph - Rushford 507-864-2205
St Joseph Cemetery Waldorf, MNSt Joseph - Waldorf
St Joseph Cemetery Theilman, MNSt Mary - Lake City
St Joseph Cemetery (St. John the Baptist Cemetery) Lakefield, MNSt Joseph - Lakefield 507-662-5167
St Joseph Convent Cemetery Hokah, MNSt Peter - Hokah 507-894-4283
St Kilian Cemetery St Kilian, MNSt Kilian - St Kilian 507-472-8267
St Kilian Cemetery (closed) Wykoff, MNSt Ignatius - Spring Valley
St Leo Cemetery Pipestone, MNSt Leo - Pipestone
St Liguori Cemetery Carimona (Preston), MNSt Columban - Preston 507-765-3603
St Luke Cemetery Sherburn, MNSt Luke - Sherburn 507-764-2180
St Margaret Cemetery Mantorville, MNHoly Family - Kasson
St Martin Cemetery Woodstock, MNSt Martin - Woodstock 507-777-4276
St Mary Cemetery Worthington, MNSt Mary - Worthington 507-372-2350
St Mary Cemetery Winnebago, MNSt Mary - Winnebago
St Mary Cemetery Winona, MNSt Stanislaus - Winona 507-452-2769
St Mary Cemetery Waseca, MNSacred Heart - Waseca 507-835-3767
St Mary Cemetery Preble, MNSt Olaf - Mabel 507-493-5749
St Mary Cemetery Minneiska, MNSt Mary - Minneiska
St Mary Cemetery Lake City, MNSt Mary - Lake City 651-345-2290
St Mary Cemetery Houston, MNSt Mary - Houston 507-896-3368
St Mary Cemetery Geneva (Newry), MNSt Mary - Geneva 507-256-4221
St Mary Cemetery Ellsworth, MNSt. Mary - Ellsworth 507-967-2447
St Mary Cemetery Dundee, MNSt Gabriel - Fulda
St Mary Cemetery Chatfield, MNSt Mary - Chatfield
St Matthew Cemetery Vernon Center, MNSt Matthew - Vernon Center
St Nicholas Cemetery Freeburg, MNSt Patrick - Brownsville 507-725-3200
St Patrick Cemetery Brownsville, MNSt Patrick - Brownsville 507-482-7114
St Patrick Cemetery Leroy, MNSt Patrick - Leroy 507-324-9336
St Patrick Cemetery Jefferson, MNSt Patrick - Browsville 608-788-0876
St Patrick Cemetery Millville, MNWest Albany 651-753-3280
St Patrick Cemetery West Albany, MNSt Patrick - West Albany
St Patrick Cemetery Ridgeway, MNHoly Cross - Dakota 507-454-5062
St Patrick Cemetery (Holt Cemetery) Lanesboro, MNSt Mary - Chatfield 507-467-3479
St Paul Cemetery Minnesota City, MNSt Paul - Minnesota City 507-689-4240
St Peter Cemetery Rose Creek, MNSt Peter - Rose Creek 507-437-1247
St Rose of Lima Cemetery Lewiston, MNSt Rose of Lima - Lewiston
St Rose of Lima Cemetery Avoca, MNSt Ann - Slayton Closed
St Theodore Cemetery Albert Lea, MNSt Theodore - Albert Lea 507-402-4343
St Vincent Cemetery West Concord, MNSt Vincent de Paul - West Concord 507-527-2529
St Wenceslaus Cemetery Jackson, MNGood Shepherd - Jackson 507-247-5553

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