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Diocese of Winona Media Center

"...the media has become essential for evanglization and catechesis."  --   #160 General Directory for Catechesis

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Return videos to: Media Center, Diocese of Winona, 55 W Sanborn St., PO Box 588, Winona MN 55987

The Diocese of Winona operates an Audio/Visual Library to provide parishes with resources they couldn’t otherwise afford. The library is a FREE resource to everyone in the diocese. Please promote this resource within your parish, and encourage your leadership to use it.

General Principles For Using Videos

+ Preview the video
View the video for possible questions, materials that need to be explained as background, and/or suitability for your class.

+ Introduce the video
To help your audience get the most from the video, explain why you are using it, tell what to look for, suggest images or key words to catch. Use the study guide that accompanies the video.

+ Follow the video with discussion
Find out what your audience saw and heard, use the questions provided in the study guide, create your own questions for discussion, or review parts of the video to clarify learning.

+ Supplement your teaching with video
Videos should not be used as time-fillers. Use videos to supplement your own witness to the teaching of the lesson, or strengthen a hard concept.

+ Use the video as part of the lesson
No one video can cover all the content needed for a lesson. After viewing the video, engage the students by:

  • acting out the story they have viewed,
  • drawing a picture of an image from the video,
  • role-playing the video as it happens in their families,
  • completing the story before seeing the end of the video,
  • creating a song about the lesson viewed, and
  • discussing alternative actions to those portrayed on film.

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