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Welcome to the Office of Evangelization & Apologetics!

The Office of Evangelization and Apologetics was established by Bishop John Quinn in May 2011 to apply and develop the approach expounded by Pope John Paul II in ‘Fides et Ratio’.  By concentrating on essentials and combining with a challenging style, this office makes for a rational call to faith which speaks to the needs of young people in our times.

In 2002, the Pope noted that "it is essential to develop a new apologetics for the people, so that they may understand what the Church teaches and thus be able to give reason for their hope (cf. 1 Pt 3:15). In a world where people are continuously subjected to the cultural and ideological pressure of the media and the aggressively anti-Catholic attitude of many sects, it is essential for Catholics to know what the Church teaches, to understand that teaching, and to experience its liberating power. A lack of understanding leads to a lack of the spiritual energy needed for Christian living and the work of evangelization”.

At the Mass of the Conclave that elected him Pope, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger taught that"Catholics cannot remain immature in the faith, as they run the risk being tossed away here and there by any doctrinal wind".

Thus, this office focuses on the importance of logic, consistency, kindness and courage in explaining and defending the Faith. Its Director schedules speaking engagements in virtually all parishes of the diocese, always aiming to put Logic at the service of the Faith to “re-evangelize the baptized,” following John Paul II’s exhortation in Crossing the Threshold of Hope.   

As a result, more and more Catholics are finding joy and delight in defending the Faith handed down to us by the Apostles.

What is Apologetics?

In his first Epistle, Saint Peter teaches: "Sanctify the Lord Christ in your hearts, being ready always to satisfy everyone that asks you a defense of that hope which is in you" (1 Peter 3:15).

The Greek word for defense is Apologia, hence the word ‘apologetics’. That is, to present a well-reasoned defense of the hope that is in us, of the faith we proclaim, of the charity we live.

It has nothing to do with ‘apologizing’ for something you’ve done…!

Catholic Apologists focus on the importance of logic, consistency, kindness and courage in the affirmation of the Faith.  In this way, they show that the Faith has real-life applications to modern day and temporal society.

Developing an understanding and love of the Faith, our Divine Savior can transfigure our lives through Holy Mother Church.  It can help us think and love the way that Christ does.  It is one of the first steps towards the Kingdom of God on Earth: that real happiness and peace we're meant to have in our homes, communities and societies.  

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