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Our belief in earthly death as the entrance into eternity, our hope in the resurrection, our reverence for the body which remains, and our Christian love of neighbor calls us to exercise great care in the burial of the dead and to extend consolation to the living. In our exercise of the corporal work of mercy of burying the dead we show reverence for the body which was the temple of the Spirit.

The Christian care with which we exercise our pastoral responsibility for the burial of the dead and our administrative responsibilities for the care of our Catholic cemeteries is a witness of our Gospel faith. Our Catholic cemeteries assure the orderly burial of the body, the continued care of the site of burial, and help to hold the deceased in our memory and prayers. The Church has always considered the Catholic cemetery to be a holy place in which reverence and respect are given to the remains of the faithful departed. The Catholic cemetery is a place of devotion and of prayer for the souls of the departed.

We wish to provide the local Church with appropriately updated and revised Cemetery Regulations that will assist you in the administration and care of our Catholic cemeteries. You can view the Diocese of Winona Cemetery Regulations and the Cemetery Regulations for Lot Holders.

This booklet has been prepared for the purpose of clearing up the confusion, as well as possible, and with the hope that it may help our lot owners to avoid difficulties or confusion.

Questions can be forwarded to: Mr. Larry Dose, Director of Catholic Cemeteries

Cemetery Locations

             Cemetery Locations in the Diocese of Winona:     List     |     Map

Cemetery Rules, Regulations & Resources



Rules and Regulations for Grave Owners         

Cemetery Regulations for Lot Holders

"How to Plan for a Catholic Funeral"

"Cremation: What Catholics Should Know." 

Nomination of Cemetery Lay Representative/Trustees

 Annual Cemetery Report

2013 Annual Financial Statement:   MS Excel  (2 pages)  |    Adobe PDF

Cemetery Forms For The Diocese of Winona


Form Samples

Next of Kin Register:   MS Word   |   Adobe PDF

Lot / Grave Transfer Form:  MS Word   |   Adobe PDF  

Letter to Lot / Grave Transfer Form:   MS Word   |   Adobe PDF 

Trust Deed:   MS Word   |   Adobe PDF

Letter to Trust Deed:  MS Word   |   Adobe PDF

Affidavit for Title Transfer:  MS Word   |   Adobe PDF

Letter to Affidavit for Title Transfer:   MS Word   |   Adobe PDF

Lost Deed Statement:   MS Word   | Adobe PDF

Quitclaim Form:   MS Word   |   Adobe PDF

Letter to Quitclaim Form:   MS Word   |   Adobe PDF

Agreement of Sales of Grave(s):   MS Word   |   Adobe PDF

Letter to Agreement of Sales of Grave(s): MS Word Adobe PDF

Original Entry Form:   MS Word   Adobe PDF

Cemetery Interment Order Form:  MS Word   | Adobe PDF

Petition for Disinterment:   MS Word   | Adobe PDF

Cemetery Easement Forms:   MS Word   |   Adobe PDF

Diagram Samples

Locator Map Information

Lot Diagrams (2, 3 & 4 Grave Lots)

Lot Diagram (6 Grave Lots)

Lot Diagram (8 Grave Lots)

Lot Diagram (10 Grave Lots)

Lot Diagram (12 Grave Lots)

Lot Card 

Interment Card







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